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Engelsk udsagnsord: work out

1. work out (om ændring) come up with

Eksempler med tilsvarende betydningHis colleagues worked out his interesting idea.
We worked up an ad for our client.

Termer med samme betydning (synonymer)work up

AnvendelsesmønsterSomebody ----s something

Mindre specifikke termerdevelop, make grow

Udsagnsord med lignende betydningelaborate, work out

2. work out (om tilstand) happen in a certain way, leading to, producing, or resulting in a certain outcome, often well

Eksempler med tilsvarende betydningThings worked out in an interesting way.
Not everything worked out in the end and we were disappointed.

AnvendelsesmønsterSomething ----s

Mindre specifikke termercome out, turn out

3. work out (om ændring) work out in detail

Eksempler med tilsvarende betydningElaborate a plan.

Termer med samme betydning (synonymer)elaborate

AnvendelsesmønsterSomebody ----s something

Mindre specifikke termerdevelop, make grow

Udsagnsord med lignende betydningwork out, work up

4. work out (i anatomi) do physical exercise

Eksempler med tilsvarende betydningShe works out in the gym every day.

Termer med samme betydning (synonymer)exercise

AnvendelsesmønsterSomebody ----s.
Somebody ----s something

Mere specifikke termerlimber up, loosen up, press, strengthen, tone, tone up, train, tumble, warm up, weight-lift, weightlift

Kan forårsagemove

Udsagnsord med lignende betydningexercise, work, work out

5. work out (om erkendelse) be calculated

Eksempler med tilsvarende betydningThe fees work out to less than $1,000.

AnvendelsesmønsterSomething ----s

Mindre specifikke termeradd up, amount, come, number, total

Udsagnsord med lignende betydningcalculate, cipher, compute, cypher, figure, reckon, work out

6. work out (om erkendelse) make a mathematical calculation or computation

Termer med samme betydning (synonymer)calculate, cipher, compute, cypher, figure, reckon

AnvendelsesmønsterSomebody ----s something.
Somebody ----s that CLAUSE

Mindre specifikke termerreason

Mere specifikke termeradd, add together, approximate, average, average out, budget, capitalise, capitalize, deduct, differentiate, divide, estimate, extract, extrapolate, factor, factor in, factor out, fraction, gauge, guess, integrate, interpolate, judge, miscalculate, misestimate, multiply, process, prorate, quantise, quantize, recalculate, resolve, solve, subtract, survey, take off

Udsagnsord med lignende betydningwork out

Overordnet emneområdemath, mathematics, maths

7. work out (om erkendelse) find the solution to (a problem or question) or understand the meaning of

Eksempler med tilsvarende betydningDid you solve the problem?.
Work out your problems with the boss.
This unpleasant situation isn't going to work itself out.
Did you get it?.
Did you get my meaning?.
He could not work the math problem.

Termer med samme betydning (synonymer)figure out, lick, puzzle out, solve, work

AnvendelsesmønsterSomebody ----s something

Mindre specifikke termerunderstand

Mere specifikke termeranswer, answer, break, guess, infer, resolve, riddle, strike

Kan forårsagereason

8. work out (i anatomi) give a workout to

Eksempler med tilsvarende betydningSome parents exercise their infants.
My personal trainer works me hard.
Work one's muscles.
This puzzle will exercise your mind.

Termer med samme betydning (synonymer)exercise, work

AnvendelsesmønsterSomebody ----s something.
Somebody ----s somebody

Mindre specifikke termerput to work, work

Mere specifikke termerwarm up

Medførerexercise, work out

Udsagnsord med lignende betydningexercise, work out

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