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Engelsk navneord: math

1. math (om erkendelse) a science (or group of related sciences) dealing with the logic of quantity and shape and arrangement

Termer med samme betydning (synonymer)mathematics, maths

Mindre specifikke termerscience, scientific discipline

Mere specifikke termerapplied math, applied mathematics, pure mathematics

Overordnet emneområdescience, scientific discipline

Indenfor samme emneområdeaccuracy, additive, additive inverse, affine, affine geometry, affine transformation, algebra, analysis, analysis situs, analytic, analytic geometry, analytical geometry, arithmetic, arithmetic progression, asymmetry, balance, binomial, bivariate, boundary condition, calculate, calculus, calculus of variations, cardinality, cipher, closed, combinatorial, commutative, commute, complex number, complex quantity, compute, continuous, converge, coordinate geometry, correspondence, cypher, descriptive geometry, develop, diagonal, diagonalizable, differential, differential calculus, differentiate, direct, discontinuous, disjoint, dissymmetry, diverge, dividable, domain, domain of a function, elementary geometry, eliminate, elliptic geometry, equation, Euclid's axiom, Euclid's postulate, Euclidean axiom, Euclidean geometry, expansion, expression, extract, extrapolate, extrapolation, factoring, factorisation, factorization, field, figure, formula, formula, fractal, fractal geometry, function, Galois theory, geodesic, geodesic line, geometric progression, geometry, group theory, harmonic progression, hyperbolic geometry, idempotent, image, imaginary, imaginary number, imbalance, indivisible by, infinitesimal, infinitesimal calculus, integral calculus, integrate, interpolate, interpolation, invariance, invariant, invariant, inverse, irrational, isometric, iterate, linear, linear algebra, lower bound, map, mapping, mathematical, mathematical function, mathematical operation, mathematical process, mathematical relation, mathematical space, mathematical statement, mathematician, matrix, matrix algebra, metamathematics, method of fluxions, metric, metric function, monotone, monotonic, multinomial, multiplicative inverse, negative, non-Euclidean geometry, noninterchangeable, nonlinear, nonmonotonic, nonnegative, numerical analysis, open, operation, operator, osculate, osculation, parabolic geometry, parallel, parity, plane, plane geometry, polynomial, positive, prime, projective geometry, proof, prove, quadratics, radical, range, range of a function, rational, rationalisation, rationalise, rationalization, rationalize, ray, reciprocal, reckon, recursion, recursive definition, reduce, reflection, reflexiveness, reflexivity, representable, Riemannian geometry, rotation, round, rounding, rounding error, rule, scalene, series, set, set theory, sheet, single-valued function, solid geometry, spherical geometry, spherical trigonometry, subgroup, symmetricalness, symmetry, topological space, topology, transformation, transitivity, translation, transpose, trig, trigonometry, truncate, truncation error, undividable, universal set, upper bound, vector algebra, work out

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