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Engelsk navneord: cipher

1. cipher (om kommunikation) a message written in a secret code

Termer med samme betydning (synonymer)cypher

Mindre specifikke termermessage

2. cipher (om mængde el. mål) a mathematical element that when added to another number yields the same number

Termer med samme betydning (synonymer)0, cypher, nought, zero

Mindre specifikke termerdigit, figure

3. cipher (om mængde el. mål) a quantity of no importance

Eksempler med tilsvarende betydningIt looked like nothing I had ever seen before.
Reduced to nil all the work we had done.
We racked up a pathetic goose egg.
It was all for naught.
I didn't hear zilch about it.

Termer med samme betydning (synonymer)aught, cypher, goose egg, nada, naught, nil, nix, nothing, null, zero, zilch, zip, zippo

Mindre specifikke termerrelative quantity

Mere specifikke termerbugger all, Fanny Adams, fuck all, nihil, sweet Fanny Adams

4. cipher (om person) a person of no influence

Termer med samme betydning (synonymer)cypher, nobody, nonentity

Mindre specifikke termercommon man, common person, commoner

Mere specifikke termerjackanapes, lightweight, pip-squeak, small fry, squirt, whippersnapper

5. cipher (om kommunikation) a secret method of writing

Termer med samme betydning (synonymer)cryptograph, cypher, secret code

Mindre specifikke termercode

Engelsk udsagnsord: cipher

1. cipher (om kommunikation) convert ordinary language into code

Eksempler med tilsvarende betydningWe should encode the message for security reasons.

Termer med samme betydning (synonymer)code, cypher, encipher, encrypt, inscribe, write in code

AnvendelsesmønsterSomebody ----s something

Mindre specifikke termerencode

2. cipher (om erkendelse) make a mathematical calculation or computation

Termer med samme betydning (synonymer)calculate, compute, cypher, figure, reckon, work out

AnvendelsesmønsterSomebody ----s something.
Somebody ----s that CLAUSE

Mindre specifikke termerreason

Mere specifikke termeradd, add together, approximate, average, average out, budget, capitalise, capitalize, deduct, differentiate, divide, estimate, extract, extrapolate, factor, factor in, factor out, fraction, gauge, guess, integrate, interpolate, judge, miscalculate, misestimate, multiply, process, prorate, quantise, quantize, recalculate, resolve, solve, subtract, survey, take off

Udsagnsord med lignende betydningwork out

Overordnet emneområdemath, mathematics, maths

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