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Engelsk substantiv: figure

1. figure (om kommunikasjon) a diagram or picture illustrating textual material

Eksempler med tilsvarende betydningThe area covered can be seen from Figure 2.

Ord med samme betydning (synonymer)fig

Mindre spesifikke uttrykkillustration

2. figure (i anatomi) alternative names for the body of a human being

Eksempler med tilsvarende betydningLeonardo studied the human body.
He has a strong physique.
The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

Ord med samme betydning (synonymer)anatomy, bod, build, chassis, flesh, form, frame, human body, material body, physical body, physique, shape, soma

Mindre spesifikke uttrykkbody, organic structure, physical structure

Mere spesifikke uttrykkadult body, female body, juvenile body, male body, person

Omfatter disse overordnede uttrykkenehomo, human, human being, individual, man, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul

3. figure (om mengde eller mål) one of the elements that collectively form a system of numeration

Eksempler med tilsvarende betydning0 and 1 are digits.

Ord med samme betydning (synonymer)digit

Mindre spesifikke uttrykkinteger, whole number

Mere spesifikke uttrykk0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, ace, binary digit, Captain Hicks, cinque, cipher, cypher, decimal digit, deuce, deuce-ace, duodecimal digit, eight, eighter, eighter from Decatur, ennead, fin, five, fivesome, four, foursome, half a dozen, heptad, hexad, hexadecimal digit, I, II, III, IV, IX, leash, Little Joe, Little Phoebe, Nina from Carolina, nine, niner, nought, octad, octal digit, octet, octonary, ogdoad, one, pentad, Phoebe, quadruplet, quartet, quatern, quaternary, quaternion, quaternity, quint, quintet, quintuplet, septenary, septet, sestet, seven, sevener, sextet, sextuplet, significant digit, significant figure, single, sise, six, sixer, tercet, ternary, ternion, terzetto, tetrad, three, threesome, tierce, trey, triad, trine, trinity, trio, triplet, troika, two, unity, V, VI, VII, VIII, zero

4. figure (om gjenstand) a model of a bodily form (especially of a person)

Eksempler med tilsvarende betydningHe made a figure of Santa Claus.

Mindre spesifikke uttrykkmodel, simulation

Mere spesifikke uttrykkdummy, figurehead, figurine, marionette, puppet, snowman, statuette

Eksempler på mere spesifikke uttrykkTrojan Horse, Wooden Horse

5. figure (om person) a well-known or notable person

Eksempler med tilsvarende betydningThey studied all the great names in the history of France.
She is an important figure in modern music.

Ord med samme betydning (synonymer)name, public figure

Mindre spesifikke uttrykkimportant person, influential person, personage

6. figure (om form) a combination of points and lines and planes that form a visible palpable shape

Mindre spesifikke uttrykkform, shape

Mere spesifikke uttrykkequilateral, parallel, pencil, plane figure, solid figure, subfigure, three-dimensional figure, two-dimensional figure

7. figure (om forhold) an amount of money expressed numerically

Eksempler med tilsvarende betydningA figure of $17 was suggested.

Mindre spesifikke uttrykkamount, amount of money, sum, sum of money

8. figure (om egenskap) the impression produced by a person

Eksempler med tilsvarende betydningHe cut a fine figure.
A heroic figure.

Mindre spesifikke uttrykkeffect, impression

9. figure (om egenskap) the property possessed by a sum or total or indefinite quantity of units or individuals

Eksempler med tilsvarende betydningHe had a number of chores to do.
The number of parameters is small.
The figure was about a thousand.

Ord med samme betydning (synonymer)number

Mindre spesifikke uttrykkamount

Mere spesifikke uttrykkbulk, countlessness, fewness, innumerableness, majority, minority, multiplicity, numerosity, numerousness, preponderance, prevalence, roundness

10. figure (om kommunikasjon) language used in a figurative or nonliteral sense

Ord med samme betydning (synonymer)figure of speech, image, trope

Mindre spesifikke uttrykkrhetorical device

Mere spesifikke uttrykkconceit, exaggeration, hyperbole, irony, kenning, metaphor, metonymy, oxymoron, personification, prosopopoeia, simile, synecdoche, zeugma

Samme anvendelsebell ringer, blind alley, blockbuster, bull's eye, cakewalk, dawn, domino effect, evening, flip side, goldbrick, home run, housecleaning, lens, mark, megahit, period, rainy day, sleeper, smash hit, summer

11. figure (om erkjendelse) a unitary percept having structure and coherence that is the object of attention and that stands out against a ground

Mindre spesifikke uttrykkpercept, perception, perceptual experience

Uttrykk med motsatt betydning (antonymer)ground

12. figure (om gjenstand) a decorative or artistic work

Eksempler med tilsvarende betydningThe coach had a design on the doors.

Ord med samme betydning (synonymer)design, pattern

Mindre spesifikke uttrykkdecoration, ornament, ornamentation

Mere spesifikke uttrykkargyle, argyll, bear claw, damascene, decal, decalcomania, device, emblem, herringbone, herringbone pattern, linocut, mandala, marking, mihrab, motif, motive, polka dot, pyrograph, screen saver, sunburst, tattoo, tetraskele, tetraskelion, triskele, triskelion, weave

13. figure (om handling) a predetermined set of movements in dancing or skating

Eksempler med tilsvarende betydningShe made the best score on compulsory figures.

Mindre spesifikke uttrykkmaneuver, manoeuvre, play

Mere spesifikke uttrykkfigure eight, spread eagle

Engelsk verb: figure

1. figure (om erkjendelse) judge to be probable

Ord med samme betydning (synonymer)calculate, count on, estimate, forecast, reckon

AnvendelsesmønsterSomebody ----s something.
Somebody ----s that CLAUSE

Mindre spesifikke uttrykkevaluate, judge, pass judgment

Mere spesifikke uttrykkallow, take into account

2. figure (om tilstand) be or play a part of or in

Eksempler med tilsvarende betydningElections figure prominently in every government program.
How do the elections figure in the current pattern of internal politics?.

Ord med samme betydning (synonymer)enter

AnvendelsesmønsterSomething is ----ing PP.
Somebody ----s PP

Mindre spesifikke uttrykkbe

3. figure (om tilblivelse) imagine; conceive of; see in one's mind

Eksempler med tilsvarende betydningI can't see him on horseback!.
I can see what will happen.
I can see a risk in this strategy.

Ord med samme betydning (synonymer)envision, fancy, image, picture, project, see, visualise, visualize

AnvendelsesmønsterSomebody ----s something.
Somebody ----s that CLAUSE

Mindre spesifikke uttrykkconceive of, envisage, ideate, imagine

Utsagnsord med lignende betydningrealise, realize, see, understand, visualise, visualize

4. figure (om erkjendelse) make a mathematical calculation or computation

Ord med samme betydning (synonymer)calculate, cipher, compute, cypher, reckon, work out

AnvendelsesmønsterSomebody ----s something.
Somebody ----s that CLAUSE

Mindre spesifikke uttrykkreason

Mere spesifikke uttrykkadd, add together, approximate, average, average out, budget, capitalise, capitalize, deduct, differentiate, divide, estimate, extract, extrapolate, factor, factor in, factor out, fraction, gauge, guess, integrate, interpolate, judge, miscalculate, misestimate, multiply, process, prorate, quantise, quantize, recalculate, resolve, solve, subtract, survey, take off

Utsagnsord med lignende betydningwork out

Overordnet kategorimath, mathematics, maths

5. figure (om erkjendelse) understand

Eksempler med tilsvarende betydningHe didn't figure her.

AnvendelsesmønsterSomebody ----s something.
Somebody ----s somebody

Mindre spesifikke uttrykkapprehend, compass, comprehend, dig, get the picture, grasp, grok, savvy

Overordnet anvendelsecolloquialism

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