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English noun: decrease

1. decrease (event) a change downward

SamplesThere was a decrease in his temperature as the fever subsided.
There was a sharp drop-off in sales.

Synonymsdrop-off, lessening

Broader (hypernym)alteration, change, modification

Narrower (hyponym)attrition, casualty, dwindling, dwindling away, shrinkage, shrinking, sinking, waning


2. decrease (process) a process of becoming smaller or shorter


Broader (hypernym)physical process, process

Narrower (hyponym)decay, decline, decline, desensitisation, desensitization, diminution, narrowing, slippage, wastage

Antonymsincrement, growth, increase

3. decrease (attribute) the amount by which something decreases


Broader (hypernym)amount

Narrower (hyponym)dip, drop, fall, free fall, shrinkage

Antonymsincrement, increase

4. decrease (act) the act of decreasing or reducing something

Synonymsdiminution, reduction, step-down

Broader (hypernym)change of magnitude

Narrower (hyponym)alleviation, amortisation, amortization, contraction, cut, cutback, de-escalation, declassification, deduction, deduction, deflation, depletion, depreciation, devaluation, devitalisation, devitalization, discount, easement, easing, extenuation, lowering, minimisation, minimization, mitigation, mitigation, moderation, palliation, price reduction, relief, reverse split, reverse stock split, rollback, shelter, shortening, shrinking, split down, subtraction, tax credit, tax shelter, weakening

Antonymsstep-up, increase

English verb: decrease

1. decrease (change) decrease in size, extent, or range

SamplesThe amount of homework decreased towards the end of the semester.
The cabin pressure fell dramatically.
Her weight fell to under a hundred pounds.
His voice fell to a whisper.

Synonymsdiminish, fall, lessen

Pattern of useSomething ----s

Broader (hypernym)change magnitude

Narrower (hyponym)abate, boil down, break, break, concentrate, contract, de-escalate, decelerate, decline, decoct, decrescendo, deflate, depreciate, devaluate, devalue, die away, drop off, dwindle, dwindle away, dwindle down, ease off, ease up, flag, fly, go down, let up, reduce, remit, retard, shorten, shrink, shrink, shrink, shrivel, shrivel, shrivel up, slack, slack off, slacken off, slow, slow down, slow up, taper, thin out, undervalue, vanish, vaporize, wane, wane, wane, weaken, wither


2. decrease (change) make smaller

SamplesHe decreased his staff.

Synonymslessen, minify

Pattern of useSomebody ----s something.
Something ----s something

Broader (hypernym)alter, change, modify

Narrower (hyponym)abate, abbreviate, abridge, belittle, boil down, bring down, circumscribe, concentrate, confine, contract, cut, cut, cut, cut back, cut down, de-escalate, diminish, foreshorten, limit, lour, lower, minimise, minimize, mitigate, pare, pare down, reduce, reduce, reduce, reduce, relax, shorten, shrink, slack, slack, slack up, slacken, slake, step down, suppress, trim, trim back, trim down, turn down, weaken


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