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English noun: depreciation

1. depreciation (act) a decrease in price or value

SamplesDepreciation of the dollar against the yen.

Broader (hypernym)decrease, diminution, reduction, step-down


2. depreciation (possession) decrease in value of an asset due to obsolescence or use

Synonymswear and tear

Broader (hypernym)financial loss, non-cash expense

Narrower (hyponym)straight-line method, straight-line method of depreciation, write-down, write-off

3. depreciation (communication) a communication that belittles somebody or something

Synonymsderogation, disparagement

Broader (hypernym)discourtesy, disrespect

Narrower (hyponym)aspersion, belittling, calumniation, calumny, cold water, condescension, defamation, denigration, detraction, disdain, hatchet job, obloquy, patronage, petty criticism, slur, sour grapes, traducement

Domain usage membersBoche, boy, butch, caffer, caffre, Chinaman, chink, coolie, cooly, coon, dago, darkey, darkie, darky, dike, dyke, effeminacy, effeminateness, fag, faggot, fagot, fairy, gamin, ginzo, gook, greaseball, greaser, Guinea, half-breed, half-caste, honkey, honkie, honky, Hun, hymie, Indian giver, Injun, Jap, Jerry, jigaboo, kaffir, kafir, kike, Kraut, Krauthead, mammy, Mick, Mickey, Moonie, nance, nazi, nigga, nigger, nigra, Nip, Oriental, oriental person, Paddy, paleface, pansy, papist, picaninny, piccaninny, pickaninny, poof, poor white trash, poove, pouf, queen, queer, red man, Redskin, sheeny, shegetz, shiksa, shikse, sissiness, slant-eye, softness, spade, spic, spick, spik, street arab, suit, taco, throwaway, Tom, touchy-feely, tree hugger, Uncle Tom, unmanliness, wetback, white trash, whitey, wog, womanishness, wop, yellow man, yellow woman, yid

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