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English noun: speech

1. speech (communication) the act of delivering a formal spoken communication to an audience

SamplesHe listened to an address on minor Roman poets.


Broader (hypernym)speech act

Narrower (hyponym)allocution, colloquium, discourse, dithyramb, impromptu, inaugural, inaugural address, lecture, litany, oral presentation, oratory, preaching, public lecture, public speaking, sermon, speaking, speechmaking, talk

Instance hyponymGettysburg Address

Part holonymbody, close, closing, conclusion, end, ending, introduction

2. speech (communication) (language) communication by word of mouth

SamplesHis speech was garbled.
He uttered harsh language.
He recorded the spoken language of the streets.

Synonymslanguage, oral communication, speech communication, spoken communication, spoken language, voice communication

Broader (hypernym)auditory communication

Narrower (hyponym)charm, conversation, dictation, discussion, expression, give-and-take, idiolect, locution, magic spell, magical spell, monologue, monologue, non-standard speech, orthoepy, pronunciation, saying, soliloquy, spell, word, words

Domain categorylanguage, linguistic communication

3. speech (communication) something spoken

SamplesHe could hear them uttering merry speeches.

Broader (hypernym)utterance, vocalization

4. speech (communication) the exchange of spoken words

SamplesThey were perfectly comfortable together without speech.

Broader (hypernym)speaking, speech production

5. speech (communication) your characteristic style or manner of expressing yourself orally

SamplesHis manner of speaking was quite abrupt.
Her speech was barren of southernisms.
I detected a slight accent in his speech.

Synonymsdelivery, manner of speaking

Broader (hypernym)expressive style, style

Narrower (hyponym)address, catch, elocution, inflection, inflection, modulation, prosody, shibboleth, tone, tone of voice, tongue

Part meronymparalanguage, paralinguistic communication

6. speech (communication) a lengthy rebuke

SamplesA good lecture was my father's idea of discipline.
The teacher gave him a talking to.

Synonymslecture, talking to

Broader (hypernym)rebuke, reprehension, reprimand, reproof, reproval

Narrower (hyponym)curtain lecture, preaching, sermon

7. speech (communication) words making up the dialogue of a play

SamplesThe actor forgot his speech.

Synonymsactor's line, words

Broader (hypernym)line

Narrower (hyponym)aside, cue, monologue, soliloquy, throwaway

Part meronymdialog, dialogue

8. speech (cognition) the mental faculty or power of vocal communication

SamplesLanguage sets homo sapiens apart from all other animals.


Broader (hypernym)faculty, mental faculty, module

Part holonymlexicon, lexis, mental lexicon, vocabulary

Domain category membersverbalise, verbalize

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