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English noun: prosody

1. prosody (communication) the patterns of stress and intonation in a language


Broader (hypernym)delivery, manner of speaking, speech

Narrower (hyponym)accent, caesura, emphasis, enjambement, enjambment, intonation, modulation, pitch contour, rhythm, speech rhythm, stress

2. prosody (communication) (prosody) a system of versification

Synonymspoetic rhythm, rhythmic pattern

Broader (hypernym)versification

Narrower (hyponym)beat, cadence, measure, meter, metre, sprung rhythm

Part meronympoem, verse form

Domain categorymetrics, prosody

3. prosody (cognition) the study of poetic meter and the art of versification


Broader (hypernym)poetics

Domain category membersacatalectic, Alexandrine, beat, cadence, catalectic, dactylic, foot, hypercatalectic, iambic, measure, measured, meter, metre, metric, metrical, metrical foot, metrical unit, poetic rhythm, prosody, rhythmic pattern, spondaic, trochaic

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