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English noun: delivery

1. delivery (act) the act of delivering or distributing something (as goods or mail)

SamplesHis reluctant delivery of bad news.


Broader (hypernym)conveyance, transfer, transferral, transport, transportation

Narrower (hyponym)airdrop, consignment, handing over, passage, post, service, service of process, serving

2. delivery (event) the event of giving birth

SamplesShe had a difficult delivery.

Broader (hypernym)birth, nascence, nascency, nativity

3. delivery (communication) your characteristic style or manner of expressing yourself orally

SamplesHis manner of speaking was quite abrupt.
Her speech was barren of southernisms.
I detected a slight accent in his speech.

Synonymsmanner of speaking, speech

Broader (hypernym)expressive style, style

Narrower (hyponym)address, catch, elocution, inflection, inflection, modulation, prosody, shibboleth, tone, tone of voice, tongue

Part meronymparalanguage, paralinguistic communication

4. delivery (act) the voluntary transfer of something (title or possession) from one party to another

Synonymslegal transfer, livery

Broader (hypernym)conveyance, conveyance of title, conveyancing, conveying

Narrower (hyponym)bailment, surrender

5. delivery (act) (baseball) the act of throwing a baseball by a pitcher to a batter


Broader (hypernym)throw

Narrower (hyponym)balk, ball, beanball, beaner, bender, breaking ball, bullet, change-of-pace, change-of-pace ball, change-up, curve, curve ball, duster, fastball, heater, hummer, knuckleball, knuckler, off-speed pitch, overhand pitch, passed ball, screwball, sinker, smoke, spitball, spitter, strike, submarine ball, submarine pitch, wild pitch

Domain categorybaseball, baseball game

6. delivery (act) recovery or preservation from loss or danger

SamplesWork is the deliverance of mankind.
A surgeon's job is the saving of lives.

Synonymsdeliverance, rescue, saving

Broader (hypernym)recovery, retrieval

Narrower (hyponym)lifesaving, reclamation, redemption, reformation, salvage, salvage, salvation, salvation, search and rescue mission

7. delivery (act) the act of delivering a child

Synonymsobstetrical delivery

Broader (hypernym)act, deed, human action, human activity

Narrower (hyponym)abdominal delivery, breech birth, breech delivery, breech presentation, C-section, caesarean, caesarean delivery, caesarean section, caesarian, caesarian delivery, caesarian section, cesarean, cesarean delivery, cesarean section, cesarian, cesarian section, forceps delivery, midwifery

Part meronymaccouchement, childbearing, childbirth, vaginal birth

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