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English noun: introduction

1. introduction (act) the act of beginning something new

SamplesThey looked forward to the debut of their new product line.

Synonymsdebut, entry, first appearance, launching, unveiling

Broader (hypernym)beginning, commencement, start

Narrower (hyponym)induction, naturalisation, naturalization, product introduction, ushering in

2. introduction (communication) the first section of a communication

Broader (hypernym)section, subdivision

Narrower (hyponym)exordium, foreword, opening, preamble, preface, prolegomenon, prologue, prolusion

Part meronymaddress, narration, recital, speech, yarn

3. introduction (communication) formally making a person known to another or to the public

Synonymsintro, presentation

Broader (hypernym)informing, making known

Narrower (hyponym)debut, reintroduction

4. introduction (communication) a basic or elementary instructional text

Broader (hypernym)school text, schoolbook, text, text edition, textbook

5. introduction (communication) a new proposal

SamplesThey resisted the introduction of impractical alternatives.

Broader (hypernym)proposal

6. introduction (act) the act of putting one thing into another

Synonymsinsertion, intromission

Broader (hypernym)movement

Narrower (hyponym)blood transfusion, cannulation, cannulisation, cannulization, canulation, canulisation, canulization, enclosing, enclosure, envelopment, inclosure, injection, instillation, instillment, instilment, intubation, perfusion, transfusion

7. introduction (act) the act of starting something for the first time; introducing something new

SamplesShe looked forward to her initiation as an adult.
The foundation of a new scientific society.

Synonymscreation, foundation, founding, initiation, innovation, instauration, institution, origination

Broader (hypernym)beginning, commencement, start

Narrower (hyponym)authorship, paternity

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