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English noun: linguistics

1. linguistics (cognition) the scientific study of language

Broader (hypernym)science, scientific discipline

Narrower (hyponym)computational linguistics, descriptive linguistics, diachronic linguistics, diachrony, dialect geography, etymology, historical linguistics, linguistic geography, neurolinguistics, pragmatics, prescriptive linguistics, semantics, sociolinguistics, structural linguistics, structuralism, synchronic linguistics

Part meronymcognitive science

Domain category membersablative, acceptable, allophone, analytic, animate, aphaeresis, apheresis, aspectual, autosemantic, bad, base, cacuminal, cognate, complementary distribution, complementation, derivative, descriptive grammar, descriptivism, descriptor, early, etymologise, etymologize, feature, feature of speech, form, geminate, generative grammar, grammar, homophonous, inanimate, inflected, late, linguistic competence, linguistic performance, linguistic process, linguistic rule, linguistic universal, middle, Modern, morphophoneme, New, New, nonstandard, obscure, Old, participant role, phoneme, phonemics, phonology, phrase structure, phylum, polyphonic, postposition, preposition, prepositional, prescriptive grammar, prescriptivism, radical, radical, received, reduce, reduplicate, retroflex, root, root word, rule, segmental, semantic role, sentence structure, sign, signifier, standard, stem, suprasegmental, synsemantic, syntax, syntax, synthetic, theme, tone, topicalization, topicalize, unacceptable, unaccepted, uninflected, uninflected, universal, vocative, voice, word form

2. linguistics (cognition) the humanistic study of language and literature


Broader (hypernym)arts, humanistic discipline, humanities, liberal arts

Narrower (hyponym)dialectology, lexicology

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