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English noun: grammar

1. grammar (cognition) the branch of linguistics that deals with syntax and morphology (and sometimes also deals with semantics)

Broader (hypernym)descriptive linguistics

Narrower (hyponym)descriptive grammar, morphology, prescriptive grammar, syntax

Domain categorylinguistics

Domain category membersaccusative, active, active, agree, aoristic, article, asyndetic, attributive, attributive genitive, attributively, clause, constituent, contrastive, coordinating, coordinative, copulative, correlative, declarative, dependent, descriptive, dynamic, endocentric, exocentric, finite, future, genitive, gerundial, grammatical category, grammatical constituent, head, head word, illative, imperative, independent, indicative, infinite, interrogative, intransitive, limiting, main, modify, nominal, nominative, non-finite, nonrestrictive, normative, object, objective, optative, parse, participial, passive, possessive, predicative, prenominal, prescriptive, qualified, qualify, quantifier, reflexive, restricted, scopal, self-referent, stative, strong, subject, subjunctive, subordinate, subordinating, subordinative, substantival, syndetic, syntactic category, transitive, unrestricted, weak

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