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Engelsk verb: lay off

1. lay off (om tilstand) put an end to a state or an activity

Eksempler med tilsvarende betydningQuit teasing your little brother.

Ord med samme betydning (synonymer)cease, discontinue, give up, quit, stop

AnvendelsesmønsterSomebody ----s something.
Something ----s something.
Somebody ----s VERB-ing

Mere spesifikke uttrykkbreak, call it a day, call it quits, cheese, close off, drop, knock off, leave off, pull the plug, retire, shut off, sign off, withdraw

Uttrykk med motsatt betydning (antonymer)preserve, uphold, carry on, continue, bear on

2. lay off (om adferd) dismiss, usually for economic reasons

Eksempler med tilsvarende betydningShe was laid off together with hundreds of other workers when the company downsized.

Ord med samme betydning (synonymer)furlough

AnvendelsesmønsterSomebody ----s somebody

Mindre spesifikke uttrykkcan, dismiss, displace, fire, force out, give notice, give the axe, give the sack, sack, send away, terminate

Mere spesifikke uttrykkdownsize

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