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English noun: artefact

1. artefact a man-made object taken as a whole


Broader (hypernym)unit, whole

Narrower (hyponym)Americana, anachronism, antiquity, article, bed, block, building material, button, cloth, commodity, cone, construction, covering, creation, cushioning, decker, decoration, duplicate, electroplate, excavation, extra, fabric, facility, facility, fixture, flat solid, float, good, insert, inset, installation, instrumentality, instrumentation, layer, lemon, line, marker, material, mystification, opening, ornament, ornamentation, padding, pavement, paving, paving material, plaything, ready-made, restoration, sheet, slip, sphere, square, squeaker, stinker, strip, structure, surface, textile, thing, toy, track, trade good, way, weight

Antonymsnatural object

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