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English noun: instrumentality

1. instrumentality (group) a subsidiary organ of government created for a special purpose

SamplesAre the judicial instrumentalities of local governments adequate?.
He studied the French instrumentalities for law enforcement.

Broader (hypernym)social unit, unit

Part meronymgovernment department

2. instrumentality (attribute) the quality of being instrumental for some purpose

Broader (hypernym)usefulness, utility

3. instrumentality (artifact) an artifact (or system of artifacts) that is instrumental in accomplishing some end


Broader (hypernym)artefact, artifact

Narrower (hyponym)arms, ceramic, connecter, connection, connective, connector, connexion, container, conveyance, device, equipment, furnishing, hardware, implement, implements of war, ironware, means, medium, munition, system, toilet articles, toiletry, transport, weaponry, weapons system

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