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English noun: instrumentation

1. instrumentation (artifact) an artifact (or system of artifacts) that is instrumental in accomplishing some end


Broader (hypernym)artefact, artifact

Narrower (hyponym)arms, ceramic, connecter, connection, connective, connector, connexion, container, conveyance, device, equipment, furnishing, hardware, implement, implements of war, ironware, means, medium, munition, system, toilet articles, toiletry, transport, weaponry, weapons system

2. instrumentation (act) the act of providing or using the instruments needed for some implementation

Broader (hypernym)effectuation, implementation

3. instrumentation (communication) the instruments called for in a musical score or arrangement for a band or orchestra

Broader (hypernym)arrangement, musical arrangement

4. instrumentation (act) the act of arranging a piece of music for an orchestra and assigning parts to the different musical instruments


Broader (hypernym)arrangement, arranging, transcription

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