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English noun: antiquity

1. antiquity (time) the historic period preceding the Middle Ages in Europe

Broader (hypernym)age, historic period

Part meronymhistory

Domain category membersAna, augur, auspex, Bacchus, bay wreath, catacomb, centurion, Chinese deity, choragus, circus, dithyramb, Egyptian deity, galley, gladiator, Greek deity, humor, humour, laurel, laurel wreath, Lug, Lugh, lustrum, Norse deity, paean, pantheon, pean, Persian deity, Phrygian deity, pontifex, procurator, Ra, Re, Roman, Roman deity, Romanic, Semitic deity, sibyl, toga virilis, torch race, tribune

2. antiquity (attribute) extreme oldness


Broader (hypernym)oldness

3. antiquity (artifact) an artifact surviving from the past

Broader (hypernym)artefact, artifact

Narrower (hyponym)antique, relic, Roman building, stela, stele

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