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English noun: visible light

1. visible light (phenomenon) (physics) electromagnetic radiation that can produce a visual sensation

SamplesThe light was filtered through a soft glass window.

Synonymslight, visible radiation

Broader (hypernym)actinic radiation, actinic ray

Narrower (hyponym)beam, beam of light, candle flame, candlelight, corona, counterglow, daylight, firelight, fluorescence, friar's lantern, gaslight, gegenschein, glow, glow, glow, glowing, half-light, ignis fatuus, incandescence, irradiation, jack-o'-lantern, lamplight, light beam, luminescence, meteor, Moon, moonlight, moonshine, radiance, ray, ray of light, scintillation, shaft, shaft of light, shooting star, starlight, streamer, sun, sunlight, sunshine, torchlight, twilight, will-o'-the-wisp

Part meronymelectromagnetic spectrum

Domain categorynatural philosophy, physics

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