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English noun: scintillation

1. scintillation (phenomenon) (physics) a flash of light that is produced in a phosphor when it absorbs a photon or ionizing particle

Broader (hypernym)light, visible light, visible radiation

Domain categorynatural philosophy, physics

2. scintillation (event) a rapid change in brightness; a brief spark or flash

Synonymssparkling, twinkle

Broader (hypernym)alteration, change, modification

3. scintillation (cognition) a brilliant display of wit

Broader (hypernym)brilliance, genius

4. scintillation (attribute) the quality of shining with a bright reflected light

Synonymsglisten, glister, glitter, sparkle

Broader (hypernym)brightness

5. scintillation (attribute) the twinkling of the stars caused when changes in the density of the earth's atmosphere produce uneven refraction of starlight

Broader (hypernym)fluctuation, wavering

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