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English noun: bother

1. bother (event) an angry disturbance

SamplesHe didn't want to make a fuss.
They had labor trouble.
A spot of bother.

Synonymsfuss, hassle, trouble

Broader (hypernym)disturbance, perturbation

2. bother (cognition) something or someone that causes trouble; a source of unhappiness

SamplesWashing dishes was a nuisance before we got a dish washer.
A bit of a bother.
He's not a friend, he's an infliction.

Synonymsannoyance, botheration, infliction, pain, pain in the ass, pain in the neck

Broader (hypernym)negative stimulus

Narrower (hyponym)irritant, nuisance, plague, thorn

English verb: bother

1. bother (social) take the trouble to do something; concern oneself

SamplesHe did not trouble to call his mother on her birthday.
Don't bother, please.

Synonymsinconvenience oneself, trouble, trouble oneself

Pattern of useSomething ----s.
Somebody ----s to INFINITIVE

Broader (hypernym)reach, strain, strive

2. bother (emotion) cause annoyance in; disturb, especially by minor irritations

SamplesMosquitoes buzzing in my ear really bothers me.
It irritates me that she never closes the door after she leaves.

Synonymsannoy, chafe, devil, get at, get to, gravel, irritate, nark, nettle, rag, rile, vex

Pattern of useSomebody ----s somebody.
Something ----s somebody

Broader (hypernym)displease

Narrower (hyponym)antagonise, antagonize, beset, chevvy, chevy, chivvy, chivy, eat into, fret, fret, get, get under one's skin, grate, harass, harry, hassle, molest, peeve, plague, provoke, rankle, ruffle

Verb groupchafe

3. bother (social) to cause inconvenience or discomfort to

SamplesSorry to trouble you, but....

Synonymsdiscommode, disoblige, incommode, inconvenience, put out, trouble

Pattern of useSomebody ----s somebody.
Something ----s somebody

Broader (hypernym)affect, bear on, bear upon, impact, touch, touch on

Narrower (hyponym)distress, straiten

4. bother (motion) intrude or enter uninvited

SamplesDon't bother the professor while she is grading term papers.

Pattern of useSomebody ----s somebody

Broader (hypernym)intrude, irrupt

5. bother (emotion) make nervous or agitated

SamplesThe mere thought of her bothered him and made his heart beat faster.

ExamplesThe bad news will bother him, The performance is likely to bother Sue

Pattern of useSomebody ----s somebody.
Something ----s somebody

Broader (hypernym)agitate, charge, charge up, commove, excite, rouse, turn on

Verb groupbother

6. bother (emotion) make confused or perplexed or puzzled

ExamplesThe bad news will bother him

Pattern of useSomebody ----s somebody.
Something ----s somebody

Broader (hypernym)confuse, disconcert, flurry, put off

Verb groupbother

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