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English noun: housing

1. housing (artifact) structures collectively in which people are housed

Synonymsliving accommodations, lodging

Broader (hypernym)construction, structure

Narrower (hyponym)abode, apartment, billet, block, camp, condominium, domicile, dwelling, dwelling house, flat, habitation, home, hospice, hostel, living quarters, manufactured home, mobile home, pied-a-terre, quartering, quarters, rattrap, shelter, student lodging, tract housing, youth hostel

2. housing (artifact) a protective cover designed to contain or support a mechanical component

Broader (hypernym)protection, protective cover, protective covering

Narrower (hyponym)binnacle, cabinet, case, casing, console, crankcase, distributor housing, journal box, lamp house, lamp housing, lamphouse, radar dome, radome, shell

3. housing (artifact) stable gear consisting of a decorated covering for a horse, especially (formerly) for a warhorse

Synonymscaparison, trapping

Broader (hypernym)saddlery, stable gear, tack

Narrower (hyponym)bard, horsecloth

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