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English noun: dwelling house

1. dwelling house (artifact) housing that someone is living in

SamplesHe built a modest dwelling near the pond.
They raise money to provide homes for the homeless.

Synonymsabode, domicile, dwelling, habitation, home

Broader (hypernym)housing, living accommodations, lodging

Narrower (hyponym)cliff dwelling, condo, condominium, fireside, fixer-upper, hearth, hermitage, homestead, house, indian lodge, lake dwelling, lodge, messuage, pile dwelling, semi-detached house, vacation home, yurt

Part holonymbath, bathroom, bedchamber, bedroom, chamber, den, dinette, dining room, dining-room, dressing room, family room, front room, kitchen, living room, living-room, parlor, parlour, sitting room, sleeping accommodation, sleeping room

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