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English noun: protective cover

1. protective cover (artifact) a covering that is intend to protect from damage or injury

SamplesThey had no protection from the fallout.
Wax provided protection for the floors.

Synonymsprotection, protective covering

Broader (hypernym)covering

Narrower (hyponym)armguard, armor, armour, back, bell glass, bell jar, binder, binding, blind, bonnet, book binding, bracer, cap, cladding, cloche, coaster, cold frame, cover, cowl, cowling, crystal, dashboard, dust cover, escutcheon, faceplate, facing, fall-board, fallboard, finger plate, heat shield, hood, housing, liner, lining, mask, mulch, overlay, overlayer, ring-binder, roof, roof, screen, screen, scutcheon, shade, sheath, sheathing, shelter, shield, splashboard, splashboard, splasher, splasher, testudo, thumbstall, toecap, washboard, watch crystal, watch glass

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