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English noun: salvation

1. salvation (act) (theology) the act of delivering from sin or saving from evil


Broader (hypernym)deliverance, delivery, rescue, saving

Narrower (hyponym)absolution, atonement, conversion, expiation, propitiation, rebirth, remission, remission of sin, remittal, spiritual rebirth

Domain categorydivinity, theology

2. salvation (act) a means of preserving from harm or unpleasantness

SamplesTourism was their economic salvation.
They turned to individualism as their salvation.

Broader (hypernym)agency, means, way

3. salvation (state) the state of being saved or preserved from harm

Broader (hypernym)safety

4. salvation (act) saving someone or something from harm or from an unpleasant situation

SamplesThe salvation of his party was the president's major concern.

Broader (hypernym)deliverance, delivery, rescue, saving

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