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English adjective: upright

1. upright in a vertical position; not sloping

SamplesAn upright post.


Similarperpendicular, vertical

Antonymshorizontal, inclined

2. upright of moral excellence

SamplesA genuinely good person.
A just cause.
An upright and respectable man.

Synonymsgood, just



3. upright upright in position or posture

SamplesAn erect stature.
Erect flower stalks.
For a dog, an erect tail indicates aggression.
A column still vertical amid the ruins.
He sat bolt upright.

Synonymserect, vertical

Similarerectile, fastigiate, orthostatic, passant, rampant, rearing, semi-climbing, semi-erect, semi-upright, stand-up, standing, statant, straight, unbent, unbowed

Attributeattitude, position, posture


English noun: upright

1. upright (artifact) a vertical structural member as a post or stake

SamplesThe ball sailed between the uprights.


Broader (hypernym)structural member

Narrower (hyponym)column, jamb, pillar, post, scantling, scape, shaft, stile, stud

Part meronymgoalpost

2. upright (artifact) a piano with a vertical sounding board

Synonymsupright piano

Broader (hypernym)forte-piano, piano, pianoforte

Narrower (hyponym)spinet

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