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English noun: ending

1. ending (communication) the end of a word (a suffix or inflectional ending or final morpheme)

SamplesI don't like words that have -ism as an ending.


Broader (hypernym)morpheme

Narrower (hyponym)inflectional ending, inflectional suffix, postfix, suffix

2. ending (act) the act of ending something

SamplesThe termination of the agreement.

Synonymsconclusion, termination

Broader (hypernym)change of state

Narrower (hyponym)abolishment, abolition, abort, abortion, adjournment, breakup, closedown, closing, closing, closure, completion, culmination, deactivation, defusing, demonetisation, demonetization, destruction, devastation, disappearance, discharge, discontinuance, discontinuation, dismissal, dismission, dissolution, dissolution, drug withdrawal, extinction, extinguishing, fade, firing, kill, killing, liberation, liquidation, mop up, overthrow, putting to death, quenching, release, release, relinquishing, relinquishment, retirement, sack, sacking, settlement, shutdown, tone ending, windup, withdrawal

3. ending (time) the point in time at which something ends

SamplesThe end of the year.
The ending of warranty period.


Broader (hypernym)point, point in time

Narrower (hyponym)cease, close, conclusion, death, death, demise, dying, expiration, expiry, fag end, finale, finis, finish, last, last, last gasp, limit, period, stopping point, tail, tail end, terminal point, termination, terminus ad quem, year-end

Antonymscommencement, get-go, offset, outset, showtime, starting time, beginning, kickoff, start, first, middle

4. ending (event) event whose occurrence ends something

SamplesHis death marked the ending of an era.
When these final episodes are broadcast it will be the finish of the show.

Synonymsconclusion, finish

Broader (hypernym)happening, natural event, occurrence, occurrent

Narrower (hyponym)defeat, demolition, destruction, end, final result, final stage, foregone conclusion, halt, last, licking, matter of course, omega, outcome, result, resultant, stop, termination, triumph, victory, wipeout, Z


5. ending (communication) the last section of a communication

SamplesIn conclusion I want to say....

Synonymsclose, closing, conclusion, end

Broader (hypernym)section, subdivision

Narrower (hyponym)anticlimax, bathos, coda, epilog, epilog, epilogue, epilogue, finale, peroration

Part meronymaddress, narration, recital, speech, yarn

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