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English noun: player

1. player (person) a person who participates in or is skilled at some game


Broader (hypernym)contestant

Narrower (hyponym)ballplayer, baseball player, billiard player, bowler, card player, chess player, dart player, football player, footballer, golf player, golfer, grandmaster, hockey player, ice-hockey player, lacrosse player, linksman, most valuable player, MVP, playmaker, pool player, scorer, seed, seeded player, server, shooter, soccer player, stringer, tennis player, volleyball player

2. player (person) someone who plays a musical instrument (as a profession)

Synonymsinstrumentalist, musician

Broader (hypernym)performer, performing artist

Narrower (hyponym)accompanist, accompanyist, accordionist, bagpiper, bandsman, bassist, bassoonist, bell ringer, carillonneur, cellist, clarinetist, clarinettist, cornetist, fiddler, flautist, flute player, flutist, gambist, guitar player, guitarist, harmoniser, harmonizer, harper, harpist, harpsichordist, hornist, jazz musician, jazzman, keyboardist, koto player, lutanist, lutenist, lutist, oboist, organist, percussionist, pianist, piano player, piper, recorder player, rhythm and blues musician, rock 'n' roll musician, rocker, saxist, saxophonist, singer, sitar player, soloist, trombone player, trombonist, trumpeter, vibist, vibraphonist, violinist, violist, violoncellist, vocaliser, vocalist, vocalizer

Member meronymmusical group, musical organisation, musical organization

3. player (person) a theatrical performer

Synonymsactor, histrion, role player, thespian

Broader (hypernym)performer, performing artist

Narrower (hyponym)actress, barnstormer, character actor, comedian, extra, ham, ham actor, heavy, ingenue, lead, leading man, mime, mimer, movie actor, mummer, pantomimer, pantomimist, plant, play-actor, playactor, principal, reenactor, scene-stealer, screen actor, spear carrier, standby, star, supernumerary, tragedian, trouper, understudy, upstager, walk-on

Instance hyponymAl Jolson, Alec Guinness, Alfred Lunt, Allen, Allen Stewart Konigsberg, Anthony Hopkins, Arthur John Gielgud, Asa Yoelson, Astaire, Baron Olivier of Birghton, Barrymore, Barrymore, Barrymore, Bela Ferenc Blasko, Bela Lugosi, Bing Crosby, Bogart, Booth, Boris Karloff, Bruce Lee, Burbage, Burton, Buster Keaton, Cagney, Cary Grant, Charles Laughton, Charles Robert Redford, Chevalier, Clark Gable, Cooper, Coward, Cronyn, Crosby, David Garrick, De Niro, Dean, Depardieu, Douglas Elton Fairbanks, Douglas Fairbanks, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Drew, Dudley Moore, Dudley Stuart John Moore, Duke Wayne, Dustin Hoffman, E. G. Marshall, Edmund Kean, Edward G. Robinson, Edward Goldenberg Robinson, Erich von Stroheim, Eugene Curran Kelly, Fairbanks, Fairbanks, Fonda, Francis Albert Sinatra, Frank Cooper, Frank Sinatra, Fred Astaire, Gable, Garrick, Gary Cooper, Gene Kelly, George C. Scott, George Orson Welles, Gerard Depardieu, Gibson, Gielgud, Grant, Granville-Barker, Guinness, Hanks, Harley Granville-Barker, Harold Clayton Lloyd, Harold Lloyd, Harrison, Harry Lillis Crosby, Heming, Hemminge, Henry Fonda, Herbert Blythe, Hoffman, Hopkins, Howard, Hume Blake Cronyn, Hume Cronyn, Humphrey Bogart, Humphrey DeForest Bogart, Israel Strassberg, Jack Lemmon, James Byron Dean, James Cagney, James Dean, James Maitland Stewart, James Mason, James Neville Mason, Jimmy Cagney, Jimmy Stewart, John Barrymore, John Drew, John Heming, John Hemminge, John Uhler, John Wayne, John Wilkes Booth, Jolson, Joseph Francis Keaton, Julius Ullman, Karloff, Kean, Keaton, Kelly, Konstantin Sergeevich Alekseev, Konstantin Sergeyevich Stanislavsky, Konstantin Stanislavsky, Laszlo Lowestein, Laughton, Laurence Olivier, Lee, Lee Strasberg, Lee Yuen Kam, Lemmon, Leslie Howard, Leslie Howard Stainer, Lionel Barrymore, Lloyd, Lorre, Lugosi, Lunt, Marshall, Martin, Mason, Maurice Barrymore, Maurice Chevalier, Mel Columcille Gerard Gibson, Mel Gibson, Mitchum, Moore, Newman, Noel Coward, O'Toole, Olivier, Orson Welles, Otis Skinner, Paul Leonard Newman, Paul Newman, Peter Alexander Ustinov, Peter Lorre, Peter O'Toole, Peter Seamus O'Toole, Peter Sellers, Poitier, Ralph Richardson, Redford, Reginald Carey Harrison, Rex Harrison, Richard Burbage, Richard Burton, Richardson, Robert De Niro, Robert Mitchum, Robert Redford, Robinson, Scott, Sellers, Sidney Poitier, Sinatra, Sir Alec Guinness, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Sir Anthony Philip Hopkins, Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree, Sir John Gielgud, Sir Laurence Kerr Olivier, Sir Noel Pierce Coward, Sir Peter Ustinov, Sir Ralph David Richardson, Sir Rex Harrison, Skinner, Spencer Tracy, Stanislavsky, Steve Martin, Stewart, Strasberg, Stroheim, Thomas J. Hanks, Tom Hanks, Tracy, Tree, Ustinov, Wayne, Welles, William Clark Gable, William Henry Pratt, Woody Allen

4. player (person) a person who pursues a number of different social and sexual partners simultaneously

Broader (hypernym)individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul

5. player (person) an important participant (as in a business deal)

SamplesHe was a major player in setting up the corporation.

Broader (hypernym)participant

Domain categorybusiness, business enterprise, commercial enterprise

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