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English noun: payment

1. payment (possession) a sum of money paid or a claim discharged

Broader (hypernym)cost

Narrower (hyponym)benefit, blood money, bonus, bribe, cash, conscience money, credit, deferred payment, deposit, down payment, final payment, immediate payment, incentive, installment, insurance premium, lump sum, overpayment, payoff, payoff, penalty, pittance, premium, quittance, recompense, refund, regular payment, remission, remitment, remittal, remittance, repayment, residual, reward, royalty, satisfaction, subscription, support payment, token payment, underpayment

Antonymsnonpayment, nonremittal, default

2. payment (act) the act of paying money

Synonymsdefrayal, defrayment

Broader (hypernym)commerce, commercialism, mercantilism

Narrower (hyponym)amortisation, amortization, disbursal, disbursement, fee splitting, outlay, overpayment, prepayment, ransom, refund, remuneration, rendering, repayment, spending, tribute, underpayment

Antonymsevasion, nonpayment

3. payment (act) an act of requiting; returning in kind


Broader (hypernym)getting even, paying back, return

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