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English noun: commercialism

1. commercialism (act) transactions (sales and purchases) having the objective of supplying commodities (goods and services)

Synonymscommerce, mercantilism

Broader (hypernym)dealing, dealings, transaction

Narrower (hyponym)business, business enterprise, carriage trade, commercial enterprise, defrayal, defrayment, distribution, e-commerce, evasion, exchange, exportation, exporting, importation, importing, initial offering, initial public offering, interchange, IPO, marketing, marketing, merchandising, nonpayment, payment, selling, trade, trading, traffic

Part holonymshipping, transport, transportation

Attributecommercial, noncommercial

Domain category membersantique, arbitrage, auction, auction off, auctioneer, barter away, broker, browse, buy, buy in, clear, commercialise, commercialize, comparison-shop, deaccession, deal, deal, export, fob off, foist off, franchise, get, hock, import, impulse-buy, liquidize, market, market, market, market, merchandise, negociate, palm off, pawn, pick up, purchase, realise, realize, remainder, resell, retail, retail, sell, sell, sell out, sell short, sell up, shop, shop, smuggle, soak, stock, stock up, take, trade, trade, trade, trade, trade in, traffic, transact, trust, turn, turn over, usance, wholesale

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