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English noun: adult male

1. adult male (person) an adult person who is male (as opposed to a woman)

SamplesThere were two women and six men on the bus.


Broader (hypernym)adult, grownup, male, male person

Narrower (hyponym)adonis, baboo, babu, bachelor, beau, beau, bey, Black man, boy, boyfriend, bozo, bruiser, bull, buster, castrate, cat, clotheshorse, dandy, divorced man, dude, dude, ejaculator, Esq, Esquire, eunuch, ex, ex-boyfriend, ex-husband, fashion plate, father figure, father surrogate, father-figure, fellow, fellow, fop, gallant, galoot, geezer, gentleman, golden boy, grass widower, graybeard, greybeard, guy, he-man, Herr, hombre, Hooray Henry, housefather, hunk, inamorato, iron man, ironman, ironside, macho-man, Methuselah, middle-aged man, Monsieur, old boy, old man, old man, paterfamilias, patriarch, Peter Pan, philanderer, ponce, posseman, Samson, Senhor, shaver, sheik, signior, signor, signore, sir, stiff, strapper, stud, swain, swell, Tarzan, unmarried man, white man, widower, widowman, womaniser, womanizer, wonder boy, yellow man, young buck, young man, young man

Instance hyponymAbel, Adam, Cain, Ham, Japheth, Seth, Shem

Part holonymadult male body, man's body

Antonymsadult female, woman

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