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English adjective: dandy

1. dandy very good

SamplesHe did a bully job.
A neat sports car.
Had a great time at the party.
You look simply smashing.

Synonymsbang-up, bully, corking, cracking, great, groovy, keen, neat, nifty, not bad, peachy, slap-up, smashing, swell


Domain usagecolloquialism


English noun: dandy

1. dandy (person) a man who is much concerned with his dress and appearance

Synonymsbeau, clotheshorse, dude, fashion plate, fop, gallant, sheik, swell

Broader (hypernym)adult male, man

Narrower (hyponym)cockscomb, coxcomb, macaroni

Instance hyponymBeau Brummell, Brummell, George Bryan Brummell

2. dandy (artifact) a sailing vessel with two masts; a small mizzen is aft of the rudderpost


Broader (hypernym)sailing ship, sailing vessel

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