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English noun: boy

1. boy (person) a youthful male person

SamplesThe baby was a boy.
She made the boy brush his teeth every night.
Most soldiers are only boys in uniform.

Synonymsmale child

Broader (hypernym)male, male person

Narrower (hyponym)altar boy, ball boy, bat boy, catamite, cub, farm boy, Fauntleroy, lad, laddie, Little Lord Fauntleroy, ploughboy, plowboy, schoolboy, Scout, shop boy, sonny, sonny boy

Antonymsfemale child, little girl, girl

2. boy (person) a friendly informal reference to a grown man

SamplesHe likes to play golf with the boys.

Broader (hypernym)adult male, man

Narrower (hyponym)broth of a boy, broth of a man, one of the boys

3. boy (person) a male human offspring

SamplesTheir son became a famous judge.
His boy is taller than he is.


Broader (hypernym)male offspring, man-child

Narrower (hyponym)Jnr, Jr, Junior, mama's boy, mamma's boy, mother's boy

Instance hyponymEsau

Antonymsdaughter, girl

4. boy (person) (ethnic slur) offensive and disparaging term for Black man

SamplesGet out of my way, boy.

Broader (hypernym)Black man

Domain usagedepreciation, derogation, disparagement, ethnic slur

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