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English noun: adult female

1. adult female (person) an adult female person (as opposed to a man)

SamplesThe woman kept house while the man hunted.


Broader (hypernym)adult, female, female person, grownup

Narrower (hyponym)amazon, B-girl, bachelor girl, bachelorette, baggage, ball-breaker, ball-buster, bar girl, bas bleu, bawd, beauty, Black woman, bluestocking, bridesmaid, broad, cat, Cinderella, cocotte, coquette, cyprian, dame, deb, debutante, Delilah, dish, divorcee, dominatrix, donna, enchantress, ex, ex-wife, eyeful, fancy woman, fancy woman, femme fatale, fille, flirt, geisha, geisha girl, gentlewoman, girl, girl, girl, girlfriend, girlfriend, gold digger, grass widow, gravida, harlot, heroine, houri, inamorata, jezebel, jilt, kept woman, knockout, lady, lady, lady friend, lady of pleasure, looker, lulu, ma'am, madam, maenad, maenad, maid of honor, mantrap, married woman, materfamilias, matriarch, matriarch, matron, mestiza, minx, miss, missy, mistress, mother figure, nanny, nullipara, nurse, nursemaid, nymph, nymphet, old woman, peach, prickteaser, prostitute, ravisher, shiksa, shikse, siren, smasher, sporting lady, stunner, sweetheart, sylph, tart, tease, temptress, unmarried woman, vamp, vamper, vestal, virago, Wac, Wave, white woman, whore, widow, widow woman, wife, woman of the street, wonder woman, working girl, yellow woman, young lady, young woman

Instance hyponymEve

Part holonymadult female body, woman's body

Antonymsadult male, man

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