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English noun: obstruction

1. obstruction (artifact) any structure that makes progress difficult

Synonymsimpediment, impedimenta, obstructer, obstructor

Broader (hypernym)construction, structure

Narrower (hyponym)bar, barrier, block, blockade, blockage, closure, encumbrance, hinderance, hindrance, hitch, incumbrance, interference, obstacle, occlusion, preventative, preventive, stop, stoppage, tumbler

2. obstruction (state) the physical condition of blocking or filling a passage with an obstruction


Broader (hypernym)physical condition, physiological condition, physiological state

Narrower (hyponym)ileus, intestinal obstruction, tamponade, tamponage

3. obstruction (cognition) something immaterial that stands in the way and must be circumvented or surmounted

SamplesLack of imagination is an obstacle to one's advancement.
The poverty of a district is an obstacle to good education.
The filibuster was a major obstruction to the success of their plan.


Broader (hypernym)balk, baulk, check, deterrent, handicap, hinderance, hindrance, impediment

Narrower (hyponym)barrier, hang-up, hitch, hurdle, roadblock, rub, snag, stymie, stymy

4. obstruction (act) the act of obstructing

SamplesObstruction of justice.

Broader (hypernym)hinderance, hindrance, interference

Narrower (hyponym)blockage, closure, obstruction of justice, occlusion, stall, stalling

5. obstruction (act) getting in someone's way

Broader (hypernym)maneuver, manoeuvre, play

Narrower (hyponym)block, blocking, check

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