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English noun: marketing

1. marketing (act) the exchange of goods for an agreed sum of money

Synonymsmerchandising, selling

Broader (hypernym)commerce, commercialism, mercantilism

Narrower (hyponym)bait and switch, bootlegging, bootlegging, capitalisation, capitalization, dumping, dutch auction, hawking, peddling, private treaty, resale, retail, retailing, sale, sale, syndication, telecommerce, telemarketing, teleselling, vending, vendition, wholesale

Part meronymmarketing

2. marketing (act) the commercial processes involved in promoting and selling and distributing a product or service

SamplesMost companies have a manager in charge of marketing.

Broader (hypernym)commerce, commercialism, mercantilism

Narrower (hyponym)channel, direct marketing, distribution channel

Part holonymdistribution, marketing, merchandising, packaging, promotion, promotional material, publicity, selling

3. marketing (act) shopping at a market

SamplesDoes the weekly marketing at the supermarket.

Broader (hypernym)shopping

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