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English adjective: future

1. future yet to be or coming

SamplesSome future historian will evaluate him.

Similarapproaching, coming, early, emerging, forthcoming, future day, in store, prox, proximo, rising, upcoming

See alsoincoming, prospective


Antonymspast, present

2. future effective in or looking toward the future

SamplesHe was preparing for future employment opportunities.



3. future (of elected officers) elected but not yet serving

SamplesOur next president.

Synonymsnext, succeeding



4. future a verb tense or other formation referring to events or states that have not yet happened

SamplesFuture auxiliary.

Domain categorygrammar

English noun: future

1. future (time) the time yet to come

Synonymsfuturity, hereafter, time to come

Broader (hypernym)time

Narrower (hyponym)by-and-by, kingdom come, manana, offing, tomorrow

Antonymspast, past times, yesteryear

2. future (communication) a verb tense that expresses actions or states in the future

Synonymsfuture tense

Broader (hypernym)tense

3. future (artifact) bulk commodities bought or sold at an agreed price for delivery at a specified future date

Broader (hypernym)commodity, good, trade good

Narrower (hyponym)oil future, petroleum future, soybean future, wheat future

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