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English noun: roundness

1. roundness (communication) the fullness of a tone of voice

SamplesThere is a musky roundness to his wordiness.


Broader (hypernym)tone, tone of voice

2. roundness (attribute) the quality of being round numbers

SamplesHe gave us the results in round numbers, but their roundness didn't affect the point he was making.

Broader (hypernym)figure, number

3. roundness (attribute) the property possessed by a line or surface that is curved and not angular

Broader (hypernym)configuration, conformation, contour, form, shape

Narrower (hyponym)circularity, cylindricality, cylindricalness, disk shape, globosity, globularness, rotundity, rotundness, sphericalness, sphericity


4. roundness (attribute) the bodily property of being well rounded

Synonymsembonpoint, plumpness

Broader (hypernym)corpulency, fleshiness, obesity

Narrower (hyponym)buxomness, chubbiness, pudginess, rolypoliness, tubbiness

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