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English noun: presence

1. presence (state) the state of being present; current existence

SamplesHe tested for the presence of radon.

Broader (hypernym)being, beingness, existence

Narrower (hyponym)hereness, immanence, immanency, inherence, inherency, occurrence, omnipresence, shadow, thereness, thereness, ubiety, ubiquitousness, ubiquity

Attributeabsent, present


2. presence (location) the immediate proximity of someone or something

SamplesShe blushed in his presence.
He sensed the presence of danger.
He was well behaved in front of company.


Broader (hypernym)proximity

3. presence (person) an invisible spiritual being felt to be nearby

Broader (hypernym)disembodied spirit, spirit

4. presence (cognition) the impression that something is present

SamplesHe felt the presence of an evil force.

Broader (hypernym)belief, feeling, impression, notion, opinion

5. presence (attribute) dignified manner or conduct

Synonymsbearing, comportment, mien

Broader (hypernym)manner, personal manner

Narrower (hyponym)dignity, gravitas, lordliness

6. presence (act) the act of being present

Broader (hypernym)attendance, attending


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