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English noun: manner

1. manner (attribute) how something is done or how it happens

SamplesHer dignified manner.
His rapid manner of talking.
Their nomadic mode of existence.
In the characteristic New York style.
A lonely way of life.
In an abrasive fashion.

Synonymsfashion, mode, style, way

Broader (hypernym)property

Narrower (hyponym)artistic style, drape, fit, form, idiom, life style, life-style, lifestyle, modus vivendi, response, setup, signature, touch, wise

2. manner (attribute) a way of acting or behaving

Synonymspersonal manner

Broader (hypernym)behavior, behaviour, conduct, demeanor, demeanour, deportment

Narrower (hyponym)bearing, bedside manner, comportment, courtesy, dandyism, discourtesy, foppishness, formality, formalness, gentleness, good manners, informality, mien, mildness, presence, rudeness, softness

3. manner (cognition) a kind

SamplesWhat manner of man are you?.

Broader (hypernym)form, kind, sort, variety

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