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English noun: belief

1. belief (cognition) any cognitive content held as true

Broader (hypernym)cognitive content, content, mental object

Narrower (hyponym)article of faith, autotelism, conviction, doctrine, expectation, faith, faith, fetichism, fetishism, geneticism, individualism, ism, meliorism, opinion, opinion, originalism, outlook, pacificism, pacifism, persuasion, philosophical system, philosophy, philosophy, popular opinion, prospect, public opinion, religion, religious belief, revolutionism, sacerdotalism, school of thought, sentiment, spiritual being, spiritual domain, spiritual world, spiritualism, strong belief, suffragism, supernatural being, supernaturalism, superstition, superstitious notion, supremacism, theory, theosophism, thought, thought, totemism, tribalism, trust, unseen, values, vampirism, view, vox populi

Antonymsunbelief, disbelief

2. belief (cognition) a vague idea in which some confidence is placed

SamplesHis impression of her was favorable.
What are your feelings about the crisis?.
It strengthened my belief in his sincerity.
I had a feeling that she was lying.

Synonymsfeeling, impression, notion, opinion

Broader (hypernym)idea, thought

Narrower (hyponym)effect, first blush, hunch, intuition, presence, suspicion

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