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English noun: draft

1. draft (possession) a document ordering the payment of money; drawn by one person or bank on another

Synonymsbill of exchange, order of payment

Broader (hypernym)negotiable instrument

Narrower (hyponym)acceptance, bank check, bank draft, banker's acceptance, banker's draft, check, cheque, dividend warrant, foreign bill, foreign draft, inland bill, money order, overdraft, postal order, redraft, sight bill, sight draft, time bill, time draft, trade acceptance

2. draft (phenomenon) a current of air (usually coming into a chimney or room or vehicle)


Broader (hypernym)air current, current of air, wind

Narrower (hyponym)downdraft, updraft

3. draft (artifact) a preliminary sketch of a design or picture

Synonymsrough drawing

Broader (hypernym)sketch, study

4. draft (food) a serving of drink (usually alcoholic) drawn from a keg

SamplesThey served beer on draft.

Synonymsdraught, potation, tipple

Broader (hypernym)drink

Narrower (hyponym)quaff

5. draft (communication) any of the various versions in the development of a written work

SamplesA preliminary draft.
The final draft of the constitution.

Synonymsdraft copy

Broader (hypernym)text, textual matter

6. draft (attribute) the depth of a vessel's keel below the surface (especially when loaded)


Broader (hypernym)deepness, depth

7. draft (artifact) a regulator for controlling the flow of air in a fireplace

Broader (hypernym)regulator

8. draft (artifact) a dose of liquid medicine

SamplesHe took a sleeping draft.


Broader (hypernym)dosage, dose

9. draft (act) compulsory military service

Synonymsconscription, muster, selective service

Broader (hypernym)militarisation, militarization, mobilisation, mobilization

Narrower (hyponym)levy, levy en masse

Domain categoryarmed forces, armed services, military, military machine, war machine

10. draft (act) a large and hurried swallow

SamplesHe finished it at a single gulp.

Synonymsdraught, gulp, swig

Broader (hypernym)deglutition, drink, swallow

11. draft (act) the act of moving a load by drawing or pulling

Synonymsdraught, drawing

Broader (hypernym)pull, pulling

English verb: draft

1. draft (creation) draw up an outline or sketch for something

SamplesDraft a speech.

ExamplesDid he draft his major works over a short period of time?


Pattern of useSomebody ----s something

Broader (hypernym)compose, indite, pen, write

Domain categoryauthorship, composition, penning, writing

2. draft (competition) engage somebody to enter the army

Synonymsenlist, muster in

Pattern of useSomebody ----s somebody

Broader (hypernym)enrol, enroll, enter, inscribe, recruit

Narrower (hyponym)levy, raise, recruit

Antonymsmuster out, discharge

3. draft (creation) make a blueprint of

Synonymsblueprint, draught

Pattern of useSomebody ----s something

Broader (hypernym)design, plan

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