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English noun: lineage

1. lineage (group) the descendants of one individual

SamplesHis entire lineage has been warriors.

Synonymsancestry, blood, blood line, bloodline, descent, line, line of descent, origin, parentage, pedigree, stemma, stock

Broader (hypernym)family tree, genealogy

Narrower (hyponym)family, family line, folk, kinfolk, kinsfolk, phratry, sept, side

2. lineage the kinship relation between an individual and the individual's progenitors

Synonymsdescent, filiation, line of descent

Broader (hypernym)family relationship, kinship, relationship

Narrower (hyponym)bilateral descent, unilateral descent

3. lineage (quantity) the number of lines in a piece of printed material


Broader (hypernym)number

4. lineage (possession) a rate of payment for written material that is measured according to the number of lines submitted


Broader (hypernym)charge per unit, rate

5. lineage (attribute) inherited properties shared with others of your bloodline

Synonymsancestry, derivation, filiation

Broader (hypernym)hereditary pattern, inheritance

Narrower (hyponym)bloodline, descent, extraction, origin, pedigree

Attributecrossbred, purebred

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