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English adjective: neutral

1. neutral having no personal preference

SamplesImpersonal criticism.
A neutral observer.


Similarnonsubjective, objective


2. neutral having only a limited ability to react chemically; chemically inactive

SamplesInert matter.
An indifferent chemical in a reaction.

Synonymsindifferent, inert


Domain categorychemical science, chemistry


3. neutral not supporting or favoring either side in a war, dispute, or contest



4. neutral possessing no distinctive quality or characteristics

Similarneutralised, neutralized, viewless

Antonymsnegative, positive

5. neutral having no hue

SamplesNeutral colors like black or white.


Similarargent, ash-gray, ash-grey, ashy, black-gray, black-grey, blackish, blackish-gray, blackish-grey, blue-black, blue-gray, blue-grey, blue-white, bluish black, bluish-gray, bluish-grey, bluish-white, brown-black, brown-gray, brown-grey, brownish-black, brownish-gray, brownish-grey, canescent, chalky, charcoal, charcoal-gray, charcoal-grey, coal-black, cool-white, cottony-white, dark-gray, dark-grey, dull-white, ebon, ebony, gray, gray-black, gray-white, grayish, grayish-black, grayish-white, green-white, greenish-gray, greenish-grey, greenish-white, grey, grey-black, grey-white, greyish, greyish-black, greyish-white, hueless, ink-black, inky, inky-black, iron-gray, iron-grey, jet, jet-black, lily-white, milk-white, off-white, olive-gray, olive-grey, oxford-gray, oxford-grey, pearl gray, pearl grey, pearly, pearly-white, pinkish-white, pitchy, purple-black, purple-white, purplish-black, purplish-white, red-gray, red-grey, reddish-gray, reddish-grey, sable, silver, silver-gray, silver-grey, silver-white, silverish, silvery, silvery-gray, silvery-grey, silvery-white, slate-black, slate-gray, slate-grey, slatey, slaty, slaty-gray, slaty-grey, snow-white, snowy, soot-black, sooty, sooty-black, stone-gray, stone-grey, violet-black, white-flowered, whitish, yellow-gray, yellow-grey, yellow-white, yellowish-gray, yellowish-grey, yellowish-white

See alsocolorless, colourless

Attributechromaticity, hue


6. neutral lacking distinguishing quality or characteristics

SamplesA neutral personality that made no impression whatever.

Similarcolorless, colourless

Antonymscolourful, colorful

7. neutral having no net electric charge




English noun: neutral

1. neutral (person) one who does not side with any party in a war or dispute

Broader (hypernym)individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul

Narrower (hyponym)fence-sitter, stakeholder

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