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English noun: shortness

1. shortness (attribute) the property of being of short spatial extent

SamplesThe shortness of the Channel crossing.

Broader (hypernym)length


2. shortness (state) the condition of being short of something

SamplesThere was no shortness of money.
Can cause shortness of breath.

Broader (hypernym)deficiency, lack, want

3. shortness (attribute) the property of being truncated or short


Broader (hypernym)lowness

4. shortness (attribute) the property of being of short temporal extent

SamplesThe shortness of air travel time.

Broader (hypernym)duration, length

Narrower (hyponym)briefness, curtailment


5. shortness (attribute) the property of being shorter than average stature

Broader (hypernym)height, stature


6. shortness (attribute) an abrupt discourteous manner

Synonymsabruptness, brusqueness, curtness, gruffness

Broader (hypernym)discourtesy, rudeness

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