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English noun: music

1. music (communication) an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner

Broader (hypernym)auditory communication

Narrower (hyponym)air, antiphony, Bach, ballet, Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, chorus, composition, concerted music, dance music, genre, Gilbert and Sullivan, Handel, harmony, Haydn, instrumental music, line, melodic line, melodic phrase, melody, monody, monophonic music, monophony, Mozart, music genre, musical composition, musical genre, musical harmony, musical style, opus, overture, part music, piece, piece of music, pizzicato, polyphonic music, polyphony, polytonalism, polytonality, popularism, prelude, refrain, section, serial music, serialism, strain, Stravinsky, subdivision, syncopation, Ta'ziyeh, tune, vocal, vocal music, Wagner

Domain category membersaccelerando, adagio, adagio, allegretto, allegro, alto, andante, arioso, arrange, atonal, atonalistic, audio CD, audio compact disc, barrel organ, beat, beats per minute, bowed, bpm, brass family, C, C major, C major scale, cantabile, chord, chromatic, compose, con brio, con brio, conjunct, contrapuntal, copyrighted, counterpoint, crescendo, decrescendo, dedication, development, diatonic, diminished, diminuendo, disconnected, disjunct, dissonant, dolce, dominant, dramatic, drop, electric organ, electronic organ, entr'acte, executant, exposition, expressive style, fanfare, fast, feminine, fermata, fiddle, first, flat, flatten, flourish, forte, fortissimo, fretted, fugally, gamut, glissando, grind organ, Hammond organ, hand organ, harmonise, harmonize, hurdy gurdy, hurdy-gurdy, idea, inscription, interlude, intermezzo, invert, keynote, larghetto, largo, largo, leading tone, legato, ligature, lyric, lyric, M.M., major, masculine, measured, mediant, melodic theme, melodise, melodize, mensurable, mensural, metronome marking, minor, molto, monophonic, music, music, musical notation, musical scale, musical theme, musical time, musician, natural, note value, organ, pacing, pianissimo, piano, pizzicato, play, play, plucked, polyphonic, polyphonic, polyphonous, pop, popular, preparation, prepare, prestissimo, presto, put, pyrotechnics, quality, rag, rallentando, realise, realize, recapitulation, recapitulation, register, registration, release, resolution, roulade, scale, scale of C major, score, second, section, segno, serial, set, set to music, sforzando, sharp, sharpen, sheet music, sightreader, singing, slide, slow, slur, smooth, solmizate, solo, sound off, soundboard, sounding board, staccato, staff, statement, stave, stop, street organ, strike up, string, style, subdivision, subdominant, submediant, subtonic, suite, supertonic, swing, swoop, syncopation, synthesiser, synthesizer, tempo, tenor, theme, tie, timber, timbre, time value, tonal, tone, tone ending, tonic, transpose, transposition, tremolo, tucket, tuning, unfretted, unison, unkeyed, unresolved, value, vibrato, violin family, woodwind family, world premiere, write

2. music (cognition) any agreeable (pleasing and harmonious) sounds

SamplesHe fell asleep to the music of the wind chimes.


Broader (hypernym)auditory sensation, sound

Narrower (hyponym)music of the spheres

Domain category membersharmonise, harmonize, instrument, instrumentate, orchestrate, reharmonise, reharmonize, transcribe

3. music (act) musical activity (singing or whistling etc.)

SamplesHis music was his central interest.

Broader (hypernym)activity

Narrower (hyponym)bell ringing, carillon, carillon playing, instrumental music, intonation, percussion, vocal music, whistling

Part holonymbeats per minute, bpm, M.M., metronome marking

Domain categorymusic, singing, vocalizing

Domain category membersaccompany, bang out, bow, bugle, carol, chirp, choir, chorus, churn out, clarion, concertise, concertize, conduct, conduct, direct, double tongue, drum, fiddle, follow, harmonise, harmonize, harp, hymn, interlude, jazz, lead, madrigal, minstrel, modulate, pedal, pipe, play, play along, prelude, psalm, rag, rap, recapitulate, register, repeat, reprise, reprize, scamp, sight-read, sightread, sing, sing, skirl, slur, solmizate, sound off, strike up, symphonise, symphonize, tongue, triple-tongue, troll, trumpet, tweedle, tweedle

4. music (cognition) (music) the sounds produced by singers or musical instruments (or reproductions of such sounds)

Broader (hypernym)auditory sensation, sound

Narrower (hyponym)piano music

Domain categorymusic

Domain category memberschord, clarion, double tongue, harmonise, harmonise, harmonize, harmonize, key, sound off, strike up, syncopate, tongue, triple-tongue

5. music (act) punishment for one's actions

SamplesYou have to face the music.
Take your medicine.


Broader (hypernym)penalisation, penalization, penalty, punishment

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