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Engelsk navneord: plural form

1. plural form (om kommunikation) the form of a word that is used to denote more than one

Termer med samme betydning (synonymer)plural

Mindre specifikke termerdescriptor, form, signifier, word form

Samme anvendelseABC, ABC's, ABCs, accounts receivable, alms, alphabet, ambages, ancients, appointment, archeological remains, arts and crafts, assets, Augean stables, authority, backstairs, badlands, bare bones, bars, basic, bath salts, bathing trunks, bedspring, bell-bottoms, bellbottom pants, bellbottom trousers, bellows, Bermuda shorts, bikini pants, binoculars, bleachers, bloomers, blue jean, boards, boards, bones, boxcars, boxers, boxershorts, brace, brass knuckles, brass knucks, breeches, brethren, briefs, britches, brussels sprouts, buckskins, cafeteria facility, calisthenics, callisthenics, castanets, central office, chain tongs, chains, channel, chap, civies, civvies, clappers, cleaners, cleats, clews, close quarters, coal tongs, coffee grounds, colors, colors, colours, colours, communication channel, compliments, condition, conditions, conditions, confines, congratulation, connection, consumer durables, consumer goods, contretemps, cords, corduroys, craps, crown jewels, curiosa, current assets, dark glasses, deeds, deep pocket, deliberation, denim, depredation, depth, depth, devotion, diggings, digs, dirty tricks, down, drawers, drawers, dregs, dress blues, dress whites, drusen, dry cleaners, drygoods, duds, durable goods, durables, eaves, Epsom salts, exercise, eyeglasses, fancy goods, fatigues, fedayeen, felicitation, field glasses, finger cymbals, fire tongs, firework, first principle, first rudiment, fitting, fixings, flannel, flats, flinders, flying colors, flying colours, folks, foodstuff, footlights, forceps, furnishing, furnishing, gabardine, gallows, gallus, gasworks, glasses, goggles, golf links, grass roots, greeting, grocery, head, headquarters, headquarters, headquarters, heroics, hiccough, hiccup, high jinks, high jinx, hijinks, home base, home office, hot pants, houselights, HQ, hustings, ice tongs, incidental, incidental expense, innings, intention, interest, interest group, irons, ironworks, Islam Nation, Islamic Ummah, Jamaica shorts, jean, jinks, Jockey shorts, jodhpur breeches, jodhpurs, knee breeches, knee pants, knickerbockers, knickers, knickers, knockout drops, knuckle duster, knuckles, knucks, last respects, last rites, lees, leotards, liabilities, limbers, line, links, lion-jaw forceps, liquid assets, living quarters, locking pliers, long johns, Ludi Saeculares, main office, manners, military headquarters, military quarters, minor expense, mouse-tooth forceps, Muslim Ummah, Napier's bones, Napier's rods, needlenose pliers, nerves, oat, odds, opera glasses, operations, order, overtone, packaged goods, pair of pliers, pair of scissors, pair of tongs, pantie, pants, panty, parallel bars, paring, people, peoples, piece goods, pliers, plus fours, plyers, poor, poor people, props, pruning shears, public works, pump-type pliers, punch pliers, pyrotechnic, quarters, quick assets, rabbit ears, rariora, ravage, receivables, regard, regimentals, relation, remains, reparation, reserve assets, residual, rib joint pliers, rich, rich people, riding breeches, right, rings, round, rudiment, Sabaoth, saltworks, salutation, scablands, scanty, scissors, scraping, secateurs, secular games, services, settlings, Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Seven Wonders of the World, shades, shears, short pants, shorts, shorts, silks, singultus, slacks, slip-joint pliers, small stores, snips, snuffers, soap flakes, soft goods, specs, spectacles, spoil, sporting goods, stacks, stairs, staple, states' rights, Stations, Stations of the Cross, step-in, steps, steps, stocking, stocks, stocks, stocks, street clothes, stretch pants, sundries, sunglasses, superficies, suspender, suspension point, swaddling bands, swaddling clothes, swaddling clothes, sweat pants, sweatpants, sweepstakes, swimming trunks, tail, telecom, telecommunication, telecommunication, term, thinning shears, threads, tights, tinsnips, title, togs, tongs, topside, trading operations, trappings, travel expense, trews, trimmings, trunks, tweed, Umma, Ummah, underdrawers, underpants, undies, unemployed, unemployed people, waders, water wings, waterworks, weeds, white, white goods, widow's weeds, wings, wish, workings, works, works, writing, yard goods

Termer med modsat betydning (antonymer)singular, singular form

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