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English adjective: serious

1. serious concerned with work or important matters rather than play or trivialities

SamplesA serious student of history.
A serious attempt to learn to ski.
Gave me a serious look.
A serious young man.
Are you serious or joking?.
Don't be so serious!.

Similarearnest, grave, overserious, real, sedate, serious-minded, sincere, sober, sobering, solemn, solemn, solid, thoughtful

Attributeearnestness, serious-mindedness, seriousness, sincerity


2. serious of great consequence

SamplesMarriage is a serious matter.

Similarimportant, of import


3. serious causing fear or anxiety by threatening great harm

SamplesA dangerous operation.
A grave situation.
A grave illness.
Grievous bodily harm.
A serious wound.
A serious turn of events.
A severe case of pneumonia.
A life-threatening disease.

Synonymsdangerous, grave, grievous, life-threatening, severe


Antonymsnoncritical, noncrucial

4. serious appealing to the mind

SamplesGood music.
A serious book.




5. serious completely lacking in playfulness

Synonymssober, unplayful

Attributefun, playfulness


6. serious requiring effort or concentration; complex and not easy to answer or solve

SamplesRaised serious objections to the proposal.
The plan has a serious flaw.

Similardifficult, hard


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