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English adjective: intellectual

1. intellectual of or associated with or requiring the use of the mind

SamplesIntellectual problems.
The triumph of the rational over the animal side of man.

Synonymsnoetic, rational



2. intellectual appealing to or using the intellect

SamplesSatire is an intellectual weapon.
Intellectual workers engaged in creative literary or artistic or scientific labor.
Has tremendous intellectual sympathy for oppressed people.
Coldly intellectual.
Sort of the intellectual type.
Intellectual literature.

Similargood, highbrow, highbrowed, rational, reflective, serious, sophisticated

See alsoeducated, mental, scholarly

Attributeintellect, mind


3. intellectual involving intelligence rather than emotions or instinct

SamplesA cerebral approach to the problem.
Cerebral drama.



English noun: intellectual

1. intellectual (person) a person who uses the mind creatively


Broader (hypernym)individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul

Narrower (hyponym)alchemist, anomalist, aphorist, bel esprit, bookman, brain, brainiac, clever clogs, clever Dick, creative thinker, decipherer, decoder, doubter, egghead, Einstein, exponent, expositor, expounder, genius, highbrow, idealogue, illusionist, mastermind, mentor, mind, sceptic, scholar, scholarly person, seer, skeptic, specifier, student, subjectivist, synthesiser, synthesist, synthesizer, theoretician, theoriser, theorist, theorizer, thinker, thinker, visionary, wise man, wonderer

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