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English noun: approval

1. approval (act) the formal act of approving

SamplesHe gave the project his blessing.
His decision merited the approval of any sensible person.

Synonymsapproving, blessing

Broader (hypernym)support

Narrower (hyponym)acceptance, acceptation, admiration, adoption, appreciation, backing, backup, championship, espousal, patronage, reinforcement, reward


2. approval (feeling) a feeling of liking something or someone good

SamplesAlthough she fussed at them, she secretly viewed all her children with approval.

Broader (hypernym)liking

Narrower (hyponym)approbation, favor, favour


3. approval (state) acceptance as satisfactory

SamplesHe bought it on approval.

Synonymsfavorable reception, favourable reception

Broader (hypernym)acceptance

Narrower (hyponym)appro

4. approval (communication) a message expressing a favorable opinion

SamplesWords of approval seldom passed his lips.


Broader (hypernym)content, message, subject matter, substance

Narrower (hyponym)acclaim, acclamation, applause, approbation, cheer, clapping, congratulations, connivance, countenance, credit, eclat, encouragement, endorsement, extolment, hand clapping, imprimatur, indorsement, kudos, permission, plaudit, plaudits, praise, recognition, sanction, secret approval, tacit consent, testimonial, tribute, warrant


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