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English adjective: stable

1. stable resistant to change of position or condition

SamplesA stable ladder.
A stable peace.
A stable relationship.
Stable prices.

Similarfirm, lasting, stabile, stabilised, stabilized, steady, unfluctuating

See alsoconstant, lasting, permanent, steady


2. stable firm and dependable; subject to little fluctuation

SamplesThe economy is stable.



3. stable not taking part readily in chemical change



4. stable maintaining equilibrium


Antonymsimbalanced, unbalanced

5. stable showing little if any change

SamplesA static population.

Synonymsstatic, unchanging


Antonymschangeful, changeable

English noun: stable

1. stable (artifact) a farm building for housing horses or other livestock

Synonymshorse barn, stalls

Broader (hypernym)farm building

Narrower (hyponym)livery stable

Instance hyponymAugean stables

Part holonymstall

English verb: stable

1. stable (social) shelter in a stable

SamplesStable horses.

ExamplesThey stable the animals

Pattern of useSomebody ----s something

Broader (hypernym)shelter

Domain categoryanimal husbandry

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